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Welcome to the I Cane Do TV Show webpage. The I Cane Do TV Show was created to bring awareness to people about a workout alternative.

There are many different workout programs out there; however most of them are aimed at younger adults.  The I Cane Do Program is geared for the mature adult who understands the Benefits of staying active but isn’t into the fast past of Zumba or Aerobics or interested in spending hours walking on a treadmill or sitting on a stationary bike.

The I Cane Do Program will teach you how to use a walking cane as a tool for exercise and self-defense.  The program also introduces you to different ways of overcoming your limiting thoughts, thus helping to motivate you to continue to keep working out, which will enable you to continue having a great quality of life.

While the  is a great way to get started it is important to remember that the show isn’t a replacement for proper instruction from a certified teacher.

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