Over 50? Hey, Age is Just a Number!.

In this blog article, the author talks about a TV personality, named Lynn Doyle, out of Philadelphia.  In this blog she talks about how important it is for her to stay active:

“I have always stayed active. I exercise daily, including weightlifting, walking, cycling, yoga, and gardening. I oversee three households while being a wife, mother, and now, grandmother. I exercise to feel healthy; it helps me deal with the stresses associated with live television and executive producing.

I feel obligated to be a role model to women, particularly those above 50. Perhaps they will be inspired if they see me find time to remain fit with all I have on my plate. If I can do it, so can they.

Exercising is so important to me that I would like someday to become a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, focusing on boomers. We are going to stay active and fit more than prior generations, but we’ll need guidance in doing it appropriately. That’s been on my “bucket list.”

It is important for all age groups to stay active, however as we mature we tend to prioritize physical activities less and less.

Being active isn’t so much about loosing weight, or should I say body fat.  Instead it is more of a commitment to maintaining the ability to stay engaged in the activities and involved with the people that are important to us and help us maintain meaning in our lives.

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