This is the seventh episode of the I Cane Do TV show.  This is the first episode we introduce the help of Bob Salinas and BOB (Body Opponent Bag).  We made the change because we felt the previous episodes were too stiff and my personality wasn’t showing through.  By adding Bob we were able to expand the show in a manner that not only allowed for some humor but allowed the views to see a less polished performance of the techniques, which in turns allows them to connect with the sense that they too can use these techniques.

     We have evolved the program since we first started.  At first we were looking at providing this program for the “Elderly” and “Disabled”.  Since those early days (which covers the first 10 episodes) we have learned that the need for this program isn’t with just the “Elderly” and “Disabled” but people out there who are looking for an alternative way of staying in shape and active.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have about our episodes.  Please like us on Facebook ( and spread the word.  We are trying to let Boomers out there know there is another alternative.

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