This is great documentary on the Martial Arts style known as Wing Chun Kung Fu. The focus of the documentary is to show how the principles of Wing Chun are not only applicable in a martial/combat situation, but also in our everyday lives. The video presents the idea that Wing Chun can help us navigate the ups and downs of daily life by helping us to master control of our internal world and external body.

The narrator presents the idea that if we know and control what is called our centerline you will be able to use this control to help you prioritize important decisions, responsibilities, and relationships. In Wing Chun there are three types of centerlines, self centerline, target centerline, and combat centerline. The self centerline, which is the central axis that runs through a person’s body along a vertical plan, is the main focus of narration; however examples of combat centerline are given (the plane that connects your self-centerline to your target’s centerline).

The narration also talks about how execute actions from the proper alignment/position. This too translates to life actions, including but not limited the performance of other activities such as playing the Chello (as was highlighted in the video) or dealing with work and relationship issues.

The video is about a half hour long, but I would recommend spending the time to watch it. I feel it does a great job highlighting how working towards master of the martial arts isn’t about combat, but is about master of our own selves and our lives.

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