A couple of months ago I was invited by SomaLife (www.ShopSomaLife.com) test their new product, IQ150.  The IQ150 is SomaLife’s “all natural supplement,” which “maintain optimum sustainability of the molecular environment of the brain, enabling us to retain our ability to think cognitively and improve our memories.”

SomaLife supplied me with a 30 sample for my review.  Now to put things into perspective, I am (currently) a 45 year old male.  I have noticed recently that my memory during tasks is starting to “wane,” e.g., going to the refrigerator to get milk for the cereal and by the time I open the refrigerator the original goal was forgotten I and I need to take a moment to remember why I was going to the refrigerator….

Needless to say this was getting annoying and a little frustrating.  When I was younger I had heard a Bill Cosby routine about this phenomenon…

So, when SomaLife contact me, I figure “why not give it a try.”

In taking their supplement for 30 days, I did find a difference.  I would start the morning off with taking the supplement and within about 30 minutes I found the rest of the morning was much more on task, less time spent having to remember why I had started a mini-task, such as going to the cupboard or going to the living room to retrieve an item.  It helped reduce my feeling like my mind was slipping.

Now, let’s be honest, it did not give me a photographic memory or enable me to remember my childhood with crystal clarity (time does fade those memories).  It didn’t enable me to memorize a spelling list faster or recite the complete epic poem Beowulf.  So if you are looking for an edge in your academic career or to help you remember an event from your past, this is not the supplement for you.  However, if you are looking for a supplement that can help you mind stay sharp on current tasks, no matter how small, than this supplement may help you.

The final note I would like to make is that beyond receiving a free 30 day supply, I have received no compensation from SomaLife, any of its affiliates, or advertisers.  My feedback is based on my personal experience with the produce and each person may have a different experience.  Verify the ingredients in the product and consult with your physician if you are already on any medication as there could be an interaction between your meds and the ingredients.  Beyond that, give it a try and post your results, do you like it and notice a difference or not.