The American Cane System is an internationally recognized martial arts system which teaches the students self-defense techniques with the cane as major tool, however empty handed techniques are taught as well.  In this system students will earn belts as they advance.  Below are the requirements for each belt rank up to 1st Degree Black Belt.

There are 100 fundamental self-defense techniques (CTs) and 8 Katas (aka Forms or Sets) that must be learned in order to test for black belt.

The levels of advancement are:

Note: We understand that there are many adults who use the cane to assist with physical issues, and as such will not be able to perform all the techniques that are incorporated in the system. The important task is to learn to use those aspects of the cane that are the most beneficial to your own personal style, and to pass along the advantages of the cane to others. Additionally, we will work with you to create appropriate modifications to meet your specific fitness and self-defense needs.  As the Cane Masters System and I Cane Do Program evolve and grow, we will be adding new curriculum items from time to time. We understand that most students have a wealth of experience and as such we are open to your constructive thoughts, feedback and criticism.