Level 3 expands beyond the student’s fundamentals in blocks and strikes to include more self-defense techniques and advanced skills. Among the advanced blocks and strikes are the accelerated torso block, helicopter twirls, reversing the horn (flipping the cane), and more.

The student will be introduced to traditional martial arts philosophy and concepts including the relevance of time, repetition, and the “three eyes” of the student.  New bag drills are introduced.  The exercise system adds exercises for new muscle groups.

Thirteen new self-defense techniques are presented (CTs 8-20) including defenses against punches, bear hugs, frontal bear hugs, sleeve grabs, kicks, and more.  This segment expands on the elements of self-defense.  The partner drill sets are expanded and new empty-hand techniques are presented. The curriculum concludes with instruction in the required kata Reflection 3.