Level 6 marks a shift in the student’s training from “scientific/systematic” skills toward practical application of the self-defense techniques.  This is strongly presented in both the techniques and kata.


The student will learn 17 new self-defense techniques (CTs 48-64) involving joint locks, double-punches, cane retention, disarming an attacker (such as wielding a stick or pipe), defense against underhand and overhand knife assaults, and more.  New blocks and strikes are added, and combination techniques are introduced.  The standard 12 block partner drill and the 12 block variations partner drill are presented.  Other areas include empty-hand techniques, back kick, bag work, and more.


The exercise system adds the overhead press, row, lat pull-down, Romanian dead lift, good morning, band twists, and more.


The curriculum concludes with instruction in the required kata Natural Walk. This kata is a fighting form and does not follow the pattern or symmetry of the previous 5 Reflection katas learned.