Level 8 prepares the student to test for the prestigious rank of 1st Degree Black Belt. As a black belt candidate, the student is both reminded of the importance for proper martial arts attitude and etiquette, but also for quality of technique in all 8 levels. Those who earn 1st Degree black belt may have the opportunity to become certified American Cane System instructors.


The Level 8 curriculum completes the documentation of the first 100 required cane self-defense techniques with 22 new techniques (CTs 79-100) which include defenses against punches, grabs, knives, guns, from a seated position, and much more. New empty-hand techniques, strikes, and concepts are introduced.  The last of the 11 elements of self-defense is explained, including concepts for defending against a gun.  Continuous blocking drills are explained and demonstrated (cane against cane blocks and strikes that are not pre-determined, similar to sparring.


The exercise system is completed with advanced stretching techniques, hybrid exercises and complexes, progressions and scaling for individual training, and more.


The curriculum concludes with instruction in the required kata “Old Man with a Cane.”