Product Review: IQ150

A couple of months ago I was invited by SomaLife ( test their new product, IQ150.  The IQ150 is SomaLife’s “all natural supplement,” which “maintain optimum sustainability of the molecular environment of the brain, enabling us to retain our ability to think cognitively and improve our memories.”

SomaLife supplied me with a 30 sample for my review.  Now to put things into perspective, I am (currently) a 45 year old male.  I have noticed recently that my memory during tasks is starting to “wane,” e.g., going to the refrigerator to get milk for the cereal and by the time I open the refrigerator the original goal was forgotten I and I need to take a moment to remember why I was going to the refrigerator….

Needless to say this was getting annoying and a little frustrating.  When I was younger I had heard a Bill Cosby routine about this phenomenon…

So, when SomaLife contact me, I figure “why not give it a try.”

In taking their supplement for 30 days, I did find a difference.  I would start the morning off with taking the supplement and within about 30 minutes I found the rest of the morning was much more on task, less time spent having to remember why I had started a mini-task, such as going to the cupboard or going to the living room to retrieve an item.  It helped reduce my feeling like my mind was slipping.

Now, let’s be honest, it did not give me a photographic memory or enable me to remember my childhood with crystal clarity (time does fade those memories).  It didn’t enable me to memorize a spelling list faster or recite the complete epic poem Beowulf.  So if you are looking for an edge in your academic career or to help you remember an event from your past, this is not the supplement for you.  However, if you are looking for a supplement that can help you mind stay sharp on current tasks, no matter how small, than this supplement may help you.

The final note I would like to make is that beyond receiving a free 30 day supply, I have received no compensation from SomaLife, any of its affiliates, or advertisers.  My feedback is based on my personal experience with the produce and each person may have a different experience.  Verify the ingredients in the product and consult with your physician if you are already on any medication as there could be an interaction between your meds and the ingredients.  Beyond that, give it a try and post your results, do you like it and notice a difference or not.

Great Adventure

     My daughter was watching the movie We Bought a Zoo and Matt Daemon’s character has this scene where he is talking about being on a great adventure, one that’s personal.  That got me to thinking about the adventures I have had in my life.  I have been on some fun ones, such as hiking the Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai and getting to visit the Ukraine, but I have also had some great adventures here at home, like becoming a father.

     What is a great adventure really?  I have asked myself that question many times over my life.  I have come to believe that a Great Adventure is an experience where you have to overcome huge struggles to accomplish something very important.  Important is always defined by the individual and not what society says is important.

     To me the I Cane Do program is a great adventure.  It is taking a lot of work to get the TV show to have an audience and to grow the attendance in the classes I teach.  I am facing down the struggle of changing people’s view of the cane, fighting hard to move it from being seen as something only the elderly and injured use to being a symbol of power and self-determination.

     I began this adventure because I wanted to give something back to the people who created the world I lived in.  The Baby Boomer are the movers and shakers of the world I grew up in and much of what I take for granted in my life are the brainchildren of this powerful generation.  So many people are focused on the kids that are running around today with little focus being put on the people who were kids back in the 50’s and 60’s.

     While these kids have grown up and passed the childhood torch on, they also passed on a legacy; one of creation and conservation, fighting for your rights and the rights of others, a legacy where we are free to believe in ourselves and pursue who we want to be; people such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Cosby and Hilary Clinton, just to name a few.

     At times it may seem that I am pushing an agenda, trying hard to self-promote my “product.” Well in truth that is correct, not because I am trying to make myself rich off of other people but because I am trying to change history.  As a generation the groups before the Boomers would just give up on their quality of life after they reached a “certain age.” When handed walking canes or told they have arthritis they would stop engaging in the adventures they found fun and made their lives worth living.  While the Boomers are a generation of doers and have a reputation for fighting “growing old” history is starting to repeat itself.  Not every Boomer, but a significant number of them are starting to slow their lives down and give into the messages “you’re too old to do that,” “time to slow down,” or “a person your age shouldn’t…”

     Do we have to follow history?  Do we have to slow our lives down because we have arthritis or even heart concerns?  Why not explore other ways to address those concerns but still live a life full of grand adventures, ones that put the younger generations to shame!!!  Who says the captains of industry have to be below a certain age; martial arts, surfing, skiing, etc… is only for the young?  My goal is to help the Baby Boomers change history and turn the 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s into ages of even greater adventures and set the bar even higher for the generations that come after them.

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Over 50? Hey, Age is Just a Number!

Over 50? Hey, Age is Just a Number!.

In this blog article, the author talks about a TV personality, named Lynn Doyle, out of Philadelphia.  In this blog she talks about how important it is for her to stay active:

“I have always stayed active. I exercise daily, including weightlifting, walking, cycling, yoga, and gardening. I oversee three households while being a wife, mother, and now, grandmother. I exercise to feel healthy; it helps me deal with the stresses associated with live television and executive producing.

I feel obligated to be a role model to women, particularly those above 50. Perhaps they will be inspired if they see me find time to remain fit with all I have on my plate. If I can do it, so can they.

Exercising is so important to me that I would like someday to become a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, focusing on boomers. We are going to stay active and fit more than prior generations, but we’ll need guidance in doing it appropriately. That’s been on my “bucket list.”

It is important for all age groups to stay active, however as we mature we tend to prioritize physical activities less and less.

Being active isn’t so much about loosing weight, or should I say body fat.  Instead it is more of a commitment to maintaining the ability to stay engaged in the activities and involved with the people that are important to us and help us maintain meaning in our lives.

© 2013 R. Brian Salinas, All Rights Reserved

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